The best 5 cars of 2010

Another year rolls by and we are again at that point where we have to decide which cars have made the best of the best on the top 5 lists of the year 2010. With all the new features that have been integrated into the vehicles this year, we had to take the old winners from the 2009 and compare the new cars to them to get a clear picture of what was done differently. With the cars getting huge upgrades every year it’s no wonder that this year the design of the cars has changed drastically as well as the features inside the cars. Additionally, the engines have been upgraded in every car on this list so it’s either faster or it consumes less fuel.

2010 Audi S4

When the S4 line rolled up in 2004 with a V8 engine nobody knew that it would be this good just a couple of years later. Today its stacked with a V6 engine and goes just a few horses slower which is an amazing upgrade. Comparing this to the M3 the M3 would win, however, this car has its merits and comparing it to the last years S4 this one is light years ahead of comfort, accessibility and stability.

2010 BMW 3-series / M3

The M3 series has been a staple in the top 10 for many years down the line. Its constant holding of that rank makes it a simple choice as it can’t be surprised in overall quality so easily. Sure, there are faster cars and other top brands might do one thing better but the overall picture is that the M3 is here on the top 10 and here to stay for many more years by the looks of it.

2010 Ford Fusion Hybrid

fordThe first hybrid on the list made its way from ford. Even though on the outside it looks like a regular car, this is the top of the line vehicle that boasts the best high tech that can be found in the car market. The fuel economy, the handling, and its interface are just some of the benefits you get with this car compared to the competition.

2010 Honda Accord

Going back over 2 decades, Honda has been present on everyone’s top 10 list with its Accord. The Honda Accord is fitted with the 271-hp V-6, which will get you from 0-6 in just 5.5 seconds. An amazing car for everyone that loves speed and a slick style.

2010 Mazda MX-5 Miata

Sports cars will always be a trend that can’t be ignored. The Mazda MX 5 series has an amazing car line up for us in this year and with its cheap price and 150+ horsepower it’s one of our favorite cars.